In order to ensure the best product with higher quality to the clients’ we have designed our own action plan and we are pleased for the successful implementation of the plan. Some of the activities as per the action plans are like sample program, quality control, in-time-shipment, etc. 

We need the spec, sketch, design and all details including the yarn composition and then we make sample for clients’ approval. Sometimes, we do this sampling according a given sample (original sample) from the client-end and then send them for the clients’ approval. When we receive the original sample or spec / sketch / other details, we send a sample to our buyers’ for approval. After receiving the approval, we make some more samples in case of buyers’ satisfaction. If the sample quantity is a large number, then we make it as per buyers’ requirements with a mutual understanding.
“No way to compromise set / required / aspired quality level” – This is what we believe in terms of quality. A group of well experienced, efficient, self-motivated and dynamic merchandisers and quality controllers are working very hard to ensure the highest level of quality of garments with the right corner of the direction.
Our ceaseless and sincere effort always goes to ensure high class quality and in-time shipment. Since we believe in crystal clear views and straight-forwardness, we provide our clients a Critical Path Method (CPM Method) how goods will be shipped in the required / given to have clear direction of merchandising the goods. If any stage of the path is affected, our immediate attention and action goes to adjust this in very next stage.

  • Sampling of Merchandise to specifications.
  • Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer’s visits to Bangladesh.
  • Controlling the raw material.
  • Price Negotiation, Sampling & Research.
  • Production Monitoring.
  • Regular production updates to the buyer.
  • Packing Supervision.
  • Documentation Review to avoid any discrepancy.
  • Quality assurance & inspection of the Goods.
  • Shipping Coordination & Follow-up.
  • Timely deliveries and best freight rates.
  • Regular delivery status updates to the buyer.
  • Regular communication and co-ordination